Air Conditioning for Businesses in Ohio and West Virginia

Foreman & Abbott Heating & Cooling is a local air conditioning contractor for businesses in Ohio and West Virginia. Air conditioning is one of the most important aspects of your business when talking about worker morale. Air conditioning keeps your employees cool and comfortable, and comfortable employees are more productive. If you have seen a slump in productivity, it may be due to a lack of proper working temperature caused by an outdated or malfunctioning HVAC system. Call Foreman & Abbott Heating & Cooling at (740) 992-5321 if you believe that your workforce may be feeling the heat. Our contractors can get your business back to normal efficiently and economically.

Commercial Air Conditioning Keeps Customers Happy in Ripley, WV

Temperature is something that we are keenly aware of at all times in Ripley, WV. So much so that if the temperature in a building is off, it may be the only thing that customers remember about your business. It cannot be stated too often: air quality is the key to maintaining productivity in your workforce, as well as positivity from your customers. A good commercial HVAC system is unobtrusive and quiet. It should operate invisibly, providing temperature control and fresh air circulation throughout the building. A good system has the added bonus of cleaning the air through filtration. Message Foreman & Abbott Heating & Cooling today to solve the air quality issues at your business in Ripley, WV

Parts and Service that Keep Your Gallipolis, Ohio, Business Running

Air conditioning is more important than heating in commercial buildings because people generate heat. The more people there are in a Gallipolis, Ohio, building, the hotter it gets. This is a problem for employee morale, but it is also bad for machinery and electronics. Sensitive equipment works better when temperatures are cooler. An HVAC distribution system offers a constant supply of cool filtered air to counteract that naturally occurring heat. The following is a short list of components and their uses in a standard commercial HVAC system.

Air Filters: remove contaminants and keep them out of the building’s air supply.
Air Handler: moves air throughout the building’s ductwork.
Dampers: control the amount of airflow through a duct.
Duct Linings: dampen noise.
Ductwork: provides air to all parts of the building.
Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers: used to distribute the conditioned air throughout the building.
Return Inlets: recirculate air, keeping the indoor environment as fresh as possible, eliminating stuffiness.
Terminal Units: control air temperature. These are usually connected to a thermostat.

Foreman & Abbott Heating & Cooling has the expert personnel to repair or replace every part of your commercial air quality system. Call us as soon as you notice a drop in air quality in Gallipolis, Ohio.

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