Rooftop Units: HVAC Installation & Repair in Middleport, OH
Serving Areas of Ohio and West Virginia

Foreman & Abbott Heating & Cooling offers rooftop units with our HVAC installation and repair services in Middleport, OH. A rooftop unit is a self-contained, packaged commercial HVAC system for cooling or heating an office or business. They are usually installed on a roof or sometimes outside a building at ground level. Rooftop units are a popular HVAC choice for businesses because their self-contained nature means that they are easy to install. And, because they are located outside the building, Foreman & Abbott Heating & Cooling contractors do not need to disrupt your workday or customers to repair and maintain them. Contact Foreman & Abbott Heating & Cooling at (740) 992-5321 to find out more about what rooftop units can do for your business. We provide services to areas of Ohio and West Virginia, so call today!

What Does a Rooftop Unit Do?

A rooftop unit distributes conditioned air within defined areas of a building. This air may be heated or cooled. The unit is connected to the building’s ductwork, which delivers the air to the desired area. Rooftop units are robust and weatherproof enough to handle extreme weather conditions as well as standard conditions like sun, wind, and rain.

Parts and Service for Fast-Paced Repair

A packaged air conditioning unit provides all the parts of an HVAC system all in one place. Foreman & Abbott Heating & Cooling’s technicians have the expertise and experience to service any problem that you may encounter with your rooftop unit. Our skills make us a top regional choice for fast-paced repair of commercial HVAC systems. The following is a quick summary of the components of a standard rooftop unit.
Air hood: keeps water and debris from entering unit.
Air intake: allows healthy fresh air into the system.
Cooling coil: cools air
Dampers: open to allow air to enter the unit or close to seal air in. Dampers help with air recirculation to keep your energy bills down.
Fan: pulls in air from outside
Filters: clean the incoming fresh air to keep dirt and dust out of the system.
Heating coil: Heats air
Housing: protects the mechanical parts of the unit.
Refrigeration system: provides cooling for the cooling coil.

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Rooftop Units: HVAC Installation & Repair in Middleport, OH